Intelligence as a Source for Innovation. Introducing: Hemisphere


The human brain is the most complex and powerful structure we have ever experienced. We still have so much to learn about it, yet there is also so much we can learn from it. For instance, we do know that the brain is divided into two hemispheres. The left hemisphere, we believe, is responsible for analytical thought, including logic, language, and reasoning. Meanwhile, the right side handles tasks related to creativity, imagination, intuition, music, and art.

While this is a helpful differentiation, it is a drastic oversimplification. This is because both hemispheres are connected and continually work together on most tasks. The power of both sides working in tandem is found in some of the most unique functions of the mind, such as those moments of innovation when a new idea, solution, or path forward is created. While creativity appears to be the domain of the right hemisphere, true innovation, bringing new ideas to life, is a whole-brain process, calling on logic and imagination at the same time.

Not surprisingly, we at Hemisphere tend to structure our work following the same pattern of the brain. Most organizations are designed with different departments focusing on different kinds of work. Those with dominant skills in analytical thought and logic tend to find themselves tasked with one type of work while creative minds are carrying out activities more suitable to their gifts. What if those different departments could be brought together? With the analytical thinkers and the creative minds working in collaboration, organizations could work more like the human brain. Both hemispheres could work out problems together unleashing true creativity and creating a space for true innovation to happen. That is our goal.


At Hemisphere, we focus on helping our clients streamline the work of innovation through collaboration. Through this work, organizations can find new business and new revenue streams to move ahead of the competition.

Through years of experience, we have crystallized our approach and developed a proven format. The process consists of two essential parts: human intelligence and artificial intelligence.

True creativity and innovation begin inside the human mind. By gathering the right minds and working together, we can conceive and develop ideas in ways that machines are not yet able to replicate. But we also believe that we can leverage the power of data science and artificial intelligence and allow machines to help us do even more.

We have helped organizations make the best use this advancing technology to move farther, faster. However, it did not take us long to understand that simply building AI tools is not innovation. Innovation requires collaboration. We needed to truly understand the business and problems faced by each organization.

It is only when we fully understand a business and its challenges on a human level that we can begin to imagine new and creative solutions. From brainstorming to development to build, integrate, and show proof of viability, we work side by side with clients to find solutions that add value and unleash new possibilities.

“At Hemisphere, we don’t believe AI is something ‘off-the-shelf’. Instead, we offer our customers a tailored approach from ideation up to integration.”

By continuously approaching problems from an innovative angle, we help organizations leverage data science and AI to move beyond what is imaginable.


Our approach is special, and so are our clients. They may be large or small but, no matter the size, they want to have a visible presence in the world. Our bigger clients have reputations to maintain and use AI to make a big impact on clients or users. Our smaller clients are often looking to leverage the power of AI to quickly scale while maintaining their unique identity.

The collaboration of human and artificial intelligence can solve massive problems at scale, like helping with conservation efforts by using satellite imaging and AI analysis to predict deforestation. Collaboration can accelerate the end of our dependence on fossil fuels by using machine learning to better predict supply and demand for sustainable energy. These efforts can also create a safer and more efficient world for everyone through predictive maintenance that keeps machines running at peak performance and reduces accidents and malfunctions. Those are just a few of the projects we are currently working on to leverage AI and human innovation to find solutions to real-world problems.

This is important, groundbreaking work. To be a trusted partner, we commit to the following in all we do:

  • Working with the latest but proven techniques in data science and AI.
  • Providing innovation as a service, tailored to the needs of each client and offering only what works for your organization.
  • No cure, no pay — Our fees are based on providing our clients with solutions that add value to the organization.

It all comes down to one thing: Intelligence-driven innovation. Learn more about what is possible with the latest machine learning and AI innovations and how they can work for your organization to generate new revenue streams. It’s all about connecting the hemispheres and collaborating.

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